Ideas bigger than your tech talent?
We can help.


You have a vision for your business. But you need a tech team to bridge the gap between ideas and reality. That’s where we come in. We’re designers, developers and consultants who break the big picture down into small steps and smart experiments. Then work at lightning speed to deliver valuable insights and the right digital products.

Shopify Design + Development

We work with Shopify Plus stores on everything from scaling and specialization to offering customizable products. Let’s make this ecommerce platform a better fit for your business.


Build a competitive advantage no one else has. Areas of focus: ecommerce, ERP, finance and accounting, and analytics as a service. Start boosting your operational efficiency.


We're a team of developers and designers, working together to solve client problems and build interesting products.


Senior Developer

Adam lives in Maine. He stays far away from storm drains and rabid dogs.


Senior Designer

Patrick has lived at the intersection of art and technology for 20 years. He uses his design and front-end skills to deliver usable and scalable design systems. When he's not working, Patrick likes to hang out with his family, watch movies, and play too many video games.


Junior Developer

Andrew likes to understand how things work. Coming from a career in the automotive industry, he uses his self-taught Rails skills to solve problems for clients. Andrew enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his family.



Chris lives in Kentucky. Maybe one day he'll be a pilot.


Senior Developer

Dutch. The tallest of us all. Measures in meters.


Controller, eCommerce Accounting Consultant

Sharon has over 20 years of experience in corporate accounting. She enjoys helping companies improve their processes and controls to be accurate and reliable. She's always on the go with her four children to school, sports, and volunteering.


Junior Developer

Bob is a passionate problem solver who is excited to bring solutions to the Known Decimal team! Outside of development, you can find him in the kitchen making more than just a mess, cheering for his hometown teams, and spending time with his wife and son!


Head of Design

Lauren helps bring front-end magic and user experience-savvy to clients from the great city of Chicago. (You didn't ask, but Lou Malnati's if you're eating deep-dish and Aurelio's if you're not.)


Software Developer

Floridian. Rails developer.


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