Things We Learned: Fourth Edition

Below is the latest round-up from the KD TIL (today I learned) Slack channel! Happy Labor Day to those in the U.S., and happy back to school for the parents out there.

  • Adam dropped info on how you can create a single file Rails application for experimenting
  • Patrick shared some cool new stuff that's potentially happening with CSS - like variable units, which can be used to create custom properties that are simpler to write
  • From Steve:
    Rails fuzzy finder
    I typically just use :Rails routes -g dashboard or something like that in vim but this fuzzy finder approach is nifty. Fuzzy finder is an interactive search (auto updates as you type) for finding things within an application (or in this case the rails routes).
  • From Bob: TIL about Obj#send, which allows you to call any method on an Object, even if the method is private or protected. I also realize this may not be the best way to go about things, since it bypasses convention. Still! Pretty handy!
  • Adam gave this #protip: add this to your ~/.irbrc when things get annoying and you want to see what you’re doing. It's helpful when running jobs/import/etc. — this gets all the loud SQL stuff out of the way:
  • And Stefan, who is Dutch, learned what "jaywalking" means in the U.S.🚶🚗

We'll be back with more learnings soon.