Shopify Developers At Your Service.

Known Decimal is a Shopify Partner and ecommerce consulting company. We work with Shopify Plus stores on everything from scaling and specialization to building custom apps. 

Our talented design and development team can help you with:

  • Shopify app integration
  • Custom app design, development, integration
  • Shopify site design services
  • Shopify development services
  • ERP integration services
  • Analytics as a service
  • Ecommerce optimization and scaling for growth
  • Process improvements
  • Custom software development

We partner with you to make your ecommerce platform a better fit for your business.

Why hire Shopify Developers from Known Decimal

Our mission is to simplify the complex, and provide software solutions that enable our clients to:

  • Scale for growth
  • Sell more products
  • Take care of your customers
  • Gain clarity
  • Explore what’s possible

We are a fully remote team (located across the United States and even in the Netherlands!).

When it comes to software design philosophy, we have a bias towards rolling up our sleeves and taking action. Using this approach, we tackle ambitious projects in small, iterative steps. 

We take one step at a time, with the big picture in mind.

Our Shopify development skill set

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Custom app development
  • Accounting and finance process optimization
  • UX/UI design

What our clients say

Chris and the team moved some big hills with some nifty software. Now we need another building!

Andy Hunter, CEO at Lynch Creek Farm

Projects we can help you with

Shopify Apps

The Shopify App Store has many solutions available that we can help you integrate and optimize. In many cases, existing apps have the functionality you’ll need for your ecommerce store. Our team can help you discover and implement apps that work for you and solve your business needs.

Building Custom Apps

Our team is skilled in building custom apps for Shopify in the event an existing app doesn’t fit your business needs. We’ve built custom apps both for the frontend and for the admin portal. Examples of custom applications we’ve built and integrated with Shopify include:

  • An app to accept and fulfill custom orders
  • An app with custom shipping logic
  • An app that enables product bundling 
  • An app that integrates phone orders with Shopify
Building Apps - Abstract Concept

ERP Integration with Shopify

Our team is experienced with ERP integrations, and has worked with several companies on ERP projects. With a background in logistics, warehousing, and operations - we’ve worked with brands like Honeywell and Adidas America while at UPS Logistics Group.

We understand the issues related to managing components, inventory, the production process, - and making sure your ecommerce site matches all of these accurately as needed. 

We’ve partnered with an ERP company based in Toronto, Canada called We’re confident in their platform, and we’ve integrated their software with almost every sales channel available including Amazon (FBA and FBM), Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Walmart, Etsy, and more. In addition, has an API for building custom applications inside your framework.

We find it generally works best to integrate with ERP once you have your Shopify store up and running. Most ERPs are able to easily import data from channels like Shopify. This reduces the amount of data transformation required and enables you to get up and running faster. Our team can help:

  • Onboard the ERP team
  • Work with the ERP vendor to help integrate the sales channels as needed
  • Design an operations plan for the product and production processes
  • Integrate fulfillment processes from the ERP system as well as shipping carrier accounts and methods
  • Integrate inventory process


We support our clients in measuring the metrics that matter to your business. From marketing to sales to fulfillment, we help with tracking and analysis of:

  • Conversion rates
  • Average order size
  • Average load time
  • Search engine optimization performance
  • Site traffic metrics

Our team can make sure you have a clear view of analytics that inform good decisions when it comes to your Shopify site and overall ecommerce experience.

Being able to view and understand the user journey through your site allows us to do testing and make improvements to the customer experience. We help ensure you can:

  • Understand the customer conversion path - including where they convert, and where they drop off
  • Track performance by analyzing important metrics within one view - like the number of sessions each month, conversion rate, and average order value
  • Enable marketing tactics like an abandoned cart email to users when they add an item to their cart but do not check out
  • Find other opportunities to improve your site using analytics - like page load time, page scroll, and the overall check out process

General Ecommerce Development

Other examples of how we support clients who use Shopify Plus include:

  • Custom application for running phone orders through Shopify
  • Upsell feature implementation on your site
  • Multi-ship setup and implementation
  • Self-serve customer service functionality and content
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) integration

Process Improvements

Implementing or upgrading technology is a good time to also review and improve important business processes for your organization. Through our consulting, development, and design services we can help:

  • Organize your operations through batch processing and better reporting
  • Fine tune your fulfillment process with the ability to look at throughput within your system
  • Define opportunities to increase volume and decrease lead times
  • Streamline your finance and accounting processes
  • Create better customer service through self-service features as well as adding new content (FAQs and other help content)
  • Establish a good user experience for the team who will be maintaining and updating your ecommerce site - ensuring it’s easy to add content and make other updates

How to hire our Shopify consultants

Building with Shopify Consultants - Abstract Concept

Work with our team of designers and developers to bring your vision to life. We work on a project, hourly, or monthly basis.

  • Project basis: defined outcomes with clear milestones, project scope, and an associated timeframe.
  • Hourly basis: solving a specific, smaller problem and adding an extra pair of hands to your team as needed.
  • Monthly basis: we work on a retainer, as a managed services provider based on your needs for a defined number of hours a month.

We’re flexible, and work with clients on both short-term and long-term engagements. If at any time in the first 30 days you’re unhappy with us (this never happens), you’ll receive a refund and we’ll part ways.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your project and request a quote.

Ready to discuss your project and request a quote?

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Why Shopify Plus

There’s a reason over 10,000 brands across 175 countries use Shopify Plus. Actually, there are many reasons why Shopify Plus is the leading ecommerce platform today.

  • Fast to launch compared to other enterprise systems
  • Resources to help you grow your business
  • Talented pool of partners and developers to take your Shopify store to the next level (like us!)
  • Great, built-in functionality including website builder and content management system
  • Embedded analytics and reporting to help you analyze and run your business
  • Ability to integrate Shopify apps, ERP, custom applications and more
  • Tools to help you sell smarter (and more often) - like built-in access to Shop Pay

Tips for a successful Shopify development project

We have more than a few methods and tips up our sleeves when it comes to running a smooth development project. Below are a few ideas to keep in mind, that can sometimes be overlooked:

  • When adding features, consider ramping up gradually: Even if they don’t do precisely what you’d like out of the box, leveraging existing Shopify apps for your store can help you determine if the type of functionality they offer are valuable to your customers and if you want to proceed with something more custom (and we’re definitely game to help you out there).
  • Make the most of peak shopping seasons by planning for your customers’ in advance: You can expect the fourth quarter to be high-volume for your store — start planning and implementing infrastructure in the months ahead so only small course corrections need to be made when the holiday season finally arrives. Keep your holiday hail-Marys the ones you see on TV and out of your store’s codebase.
  • Good SEO is key, but fortunately, it’s not crazy to implement: Making sure that your site has the right content is essential to getting the right oomph on search engines. SEO is a proven way to get your shop in front of more potential customers. We can show you the ropes!

Pricing for Shopify Development & Design

There are flexible options when it comes to working with our team:

  • We can work with you on a project basis
  • We can work with you by the hour
  • We can work with you via a monthly managed services agreement

Get in touch with us to request more information and to discuss a quote for services based on your needs. Below are approximate rates:

  • 10 hours a month: $1,850
  • 25 hours a month: $4,000
  • 40 hours a month: $6,500

Building partnerships with our Shopify clients

We work with our clients to build lasting partnerships. Our longest-running client is approaching 10 years. We partner with you for the long haul, and can provide ongoing services and help with any unexpected issues. Many of our clients are continually innovating, and we love helping them bring their vision to life over the years. We also set you up for success and to be self-reliant with your e-commerce technology stack.

Some of our clients

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