Join the Known Decimal Team.

We’re looking for development and design virtuosos to join our growing team. If working remotely, with great pay and benefits, with a hyper-talented team sounds like something you’re interested in — reach out to us today.
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Becoming a Decimal Point

The hiring process to join our team is designed for humans. We respond quickly (within 2–4 days after receiving your resume). The entire process — from resume to offer — can happen in 7–10 days (as schedules allow). 

If you’d like to be considered, send your resume and info to us via email.

Software developer and design jobs

What's In It For You.

We offer competitive salaries. Check the specific job listing you’re interested in to see the salary range. We also offer:
  • 100% paid health, dental, and vision coverage for employees. Family coverage is available as well.
  • Paid time off for holidays and personal time.
  • A new computer to help you crank out code faster and easier.
  • Flexible work hours and the ability to work from just about anywhere.

Solving for Possibility

Known Decimal is a software consulting company and Shopify Partner specializing in ecommerce, ERP, finance and accounting, and custom applications.

We are on a mission to simplify the complex when it comes to technology projects. At the same time, we’re constantly exploring what’s new – and what’s possible. 

How we operate

We are a fully remote team, located across the United States even the Netherlands.

When it comes to software design philosophy, we have a bias towards rolling up our sleeves and taking action. Using this approach, we tackle ambitious projects in small, iterative steps.

We take one step at a time, with the big picture in mind.

Our team is approachable. We take the ego out of work and create environments that are comfortable, and allow for clear communication and real problem solving.

We also like to think that we operate with gezellig.

Remote consulting team

Simplifying the complex

We believe code should be clear and easily-understood for the benefit of future users. We stick close to the traditional Ruby on Rails stack (with Turbo and sprinkles of StimulusJS where required) for that very reason.

We build technology and processes that make sense. We don’t overcomplicate and we’re not overly technical when we don’t need to be.

When we need to be, we can get very technical and legitimately relish in the joy of technology. We can provide a deep tech perspective for clients who are less technical.

Taking Care of Our Team + Our Clients

While we are fully remote, we are hands-on in our process and keep communication flowing internally and with our clients. That can mean asynchronous chat, video calls, or popping out to client locations once in a while.

We are continuously making new connections and helping new clients’ dreams come true (that’s where you come in). We also keep our existing clients close — we partner with them for the long haul (one of our clients is approaching a 10 year partnership with us).

What we care about

If you’re considering joining our team, know that we care about people. We care about mental health, about managing pressures, deadlines and work/life balance.

We have an exceptionally talented team but we work without much ego. Known Decimal is a no judgment zone, and there’s no internal competition. We do provide pathways to opportunities, and enable our team members to excel in their functions.

If you’d like to be considered, send your resume and info to us via email.