A Plan for Sustainable Growth

Lynch Creek Farm's existing online storefront wasn’t handling the volume they wanted to move, and after some research, the Shopify platform looked like the answer. It offered them the flexibility they needed to make changes to their store on the fly and adapt the platform to their existing processes, all that was left to do was pull the trigger and find a software partner to show them the ropes and help perform some fine-tuning. That’s where Known Decimal came in.

With their own culture of openness from the greenery shop floor to the customer service desks, the Lynch Creek Farm team hit it off quickly with Known Decimal’s. From the start, we took care in establishing a shared understanding of their operational and customer service workflows (and even popped into the warehouses a couple of times). When it was time to roll up our sleeves and build the software to match, their team members were ingrained in our planning process, and kept on-top of opportunities and limitations so everyone knew what they were getting into. Growing pains can come with any switch in platforms, but Known Decimal were always available for moral support as Lynch Creek Farm built their Shopify Plus expertise and got the rest of their staff up-to-speed with new processes.

By the end of the holiday season, Lynch Creek Farm were seasoned Shopify Plus users, had improved their overall user experience, and closed out the year with 25% growth — and are continuing to partner with Known Decimal to keep that momentum going.

Making More Green Together

  • +54% conversion rate increase
  • +3% average order value
  • 14.5% reduction in load time

More farming and less fighting software. Chris and the team moved some big hills with some nifty software. Now we need another building!

— Andy Hunter CEO, Lynch Creek Farm

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