Partnering for Efficiency

To overcome order management challenges, Lynch Creek Farm partnered with Known Decimal to build a custom web application to streamline the ordering process for corporate department agents. The application provides real-time inventory information, allowing agents to quickly check product availability and enter order information. The app also helps forecast inventory levels, ensuring that Lynch Creek Farm has adequate stock to meet demand.

The custom web application has improved the efficiency of Lynch Creek Farm's order management process. Corporate Department agents can now store order information quickly and accurately, reducing the time taken to manage corporate orders.

Since implementing the custom web application, Lynch Creek Farm has seen a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in errors in its order management process. The company has been able to efficiently handle a growing demand for its products, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality, handcrafted decorations to its customers.

A note about Lynch Creek Farm's tech stack: they use Shopify Plus for ecommerce and for ERP including order fulfillment. The new app integrates with

Improving Operations

  • 26% increase in agent efficiency
  • 100% reduction in overselling products
  • 23% reduction in Corporate Department staffing

Known Decimal has a wonderfully collaborative team that is easy to work with. With this project, their team worked to understand our immediate and long-term goals with a focus on details while always considering the big picture. We appreciate their solutions-focused crew that was happy to strategize with us every step of the way.

— Elena Kuo Director of Customer Relations, Lynch Creek Farm

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