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Operations Consulting

We love helping companies save money and make money through more efficient operations and the right technology for your business.

Our team is also adept at facilitating ERP integrations as well as streamlining business processes with finance and accounting consulting.

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It's important to have a visual of your business landscape and key processes. You can't solve it if you can't see it.

Chris Moore, Known Decimal Founder and CEO

Benefits of working with an operations consultant

An experienced consultant has the breadth of knowledge that comes with working with many different companies, compared to more singular/focused career paths. As the client you get to tap into that knowledge, along with additional expertise from the consultant’s colleagues at their firm. You generally get professionals with more expansive experience, as well as indirectly gaining access to their network of professionals with relevant expertise.

Other benefits of working with an operations consultant:

    • An often much-needed outside perspective
    • Ability to not be encumbered by current processes and relationships
    • Opportunity to asked, and to answer, key questions about your business 
    • Take advantage of ideas from other industries
    • Less commitment than an internal hire
    • Gain business buy-in on new ideas and processes

You can’t make informed decisions without up-to-date financial information, and without looking at the big cost centers within your operations. You can’t pivot by analyzing $10 expenses.

Sharon Wesolowski, Known Decimal Operations Manager and Consultant

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