Partnering for Growth

Endy uses Shopify Plus for their e-commerce business. However, they faced a limitation in specifying shipping rules for certain remote northern territories in Canada. In order to provide shipping options to more remote areas, Endy needed a flexible solution that included the ability to increase the number of shipping carriers they could use.

To overcome this limitation, Endy partnered with our team at Known Decimal to develop a shipping app with Shopify. The new app allows Endy to create custom shipping rules for specific products based on FSA (Forward Sortation Area). The app also makes it easy to add additional shipping carriers.

The custom Shopify shipping app has improved Endy’s shipping to the Northern Territories while still taking into account the logistical constraints of shipping large and heavy packages. This has helped increase Endy's reach and has expanded their potential customer base.

The ability to easily add additional shipping carriers has also allowed Endy to offer more shipping options to their customers, improving their overall shopping experience.

Endy chose to partner with Known Decimal because of our team’s specialization in Shopify development and e-commerce consulting. The team was able to develop and implement the app in 30 days.

Delivering for Endy Customers

  • New distribution territories
  • Faster business expansion
  • Better customer experience

The K/D team is an extension of our own Endy team. They understand our operation and all our integrations very well. Endy has grown a lot over the past years. And with that, our distribution reach has expanded across all Canada. This growth, along with our obsession to always deliver faster and better to our customers, adds some complexities to our operation. We like to work with K/D to find the right solutions. The Shipping App is a great example: they understood the problem, offered a solution, and executed well and fast.

— Dany Bachir VP of Operations, Endy

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