Senior Developer

Senior Developer Opportunity

We’re looking for a Senior Developer to join our growing team. If working remotely, with great pay and benefits, with a hyper-talented team sounds like something you’re interested in — reach out to us today

Who We Are

We are on a mission to simplify the complex when it comes to technology projects. Known Decimal is a software consulting company and Shopify Partner specializing in ecommerce, ERP, finance and accounting, and custom applications. 

We enable our clients to:

Who You Are

You should be very knowledgeable in…

And it’d be very cool if you also had experience with…

What You’ll Be Doing

We work with many different clients. In some cases, we’re working on a full-time project for a fixed period of time. At other times, we’re helping out with a few smaller projects or retainer work. Once in a while, we’ll have an off-hours support call that’s needed.

You might be building a brand-new application one week, and working on a couple of existing applications the next week.

You’ll have the opportunity to see the “ins and outs” of different companies and industries.

What's In It For You

What you need to do the things you’ll be doing…

Job Location



The hiring process to join our team is designed for humans. We respond quickly (within 2–4 days after receiving your resume). The entire process — from resume to offer — can happen in 7–10 days (as schedules allow). 


Sound like a good fit? Send an email to Chris Moore, Founder/CEO (