Who We Are

Known Decimal is a distributed software consultancy focused on helping clients find opportunities for improvement in the operations and ecommerce spaces and crafting software solutions to serve these goals.

We’re a fully-distributed team (with team members in Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Maine, and even the Netherlands!), but strive to be hands-on in our process and keep communication flowing within our own team and with our clients — whether that means asynchronous chat, video calls, or popping out to where clients get their work done once in a while. While we want to keep making new connections and helping their business dreams come true (that’s where you come in), we also aim to keep our existing clients close and want to stick with them for the long haul.

Where it comes to software design philosophy, we have a bias towards rolling up our sleeves and taking action so we can validate small assumptions on client needs before they become big and keep things moving. We believe that code should be clear and easily-understood code for the benefit of future codebase users, and we favor working in frameworks like Rails for that reason.

Sound like folks you might want to work with? Read on.

Who You Are

Feel as comfortable calling yourself a front-end developer as much as you can call yourself a UX designer? You, designer, are a jack of many trades, who can probe for client needs and concerns to get to the heart of problems and then take the concepted solutions from wireframes to working front-end code. Apart from a strong visual design sense and the ability to communicate ideas and solutions in low and high fidelity...

You should be well-versed in…


You should have some amount of working experience with…

  • Vanilla JavaScript
  • Git
  • Front-end frameworks and tooling

And it’d be very cool if you also had experience with…

  • Ruby on Rails
  • The ecommerce domain.

What You’ll Be Doing

We work with lots of different clients across a variety of industries. In some cases, you’ll be posted on a project for a fixed period of time. In others, you could be pitching in on a few smaller projects or retainer work. You might be working on a brand-new, greenfield application one week and using the full breadth of your skillset, and working on a couple of existing applications and tuning up their design systems the next.

Design is all about problem-solving, and you’ll be working collaboratively with our clients to suss out client and user-friendly software solutions that meet business goals and teaming up with our development team to bring these solutions to life.

What you need to do the things you’ll be doing…

  • A space to work, free from most distractions.
  • A reliable, fast internet connection.
  • A computer, preferably a Mac. We can help with that if you need one.
  • Enough hours in your schedule to do the work.

What You’ll Be Getting

  • We offer competitive salaries. For this role, the salary range is $60,000 – $100,000 USD, based on experience.
  • 100% paid health, dental, and vision coverage for employees. Family coverage is available as well.
  • Paid time off for holidays and personal time.
  • A new computer to help you crank out code faster and easier.
  • Flexible work hours and the ability to work from just about anywhere.
  • Occasional client visits when possible.

Job Location


Sound like a good fit? Send an email to Lauren Woodrick, Head of Design (lauren@knowndecimal.com)