Things We Learned: Fifth Edition

There have been many musings and learnings since our last TIL update in early September. Scroll on for the latest edition of Things We Learned from the KD team.

Turbo makes a neat new release

Turbo 7.2.0 was released for use with Rails and included a bunch of new goodies. 

From the KD team:

  • In general, Turbo is really awesome.
  • One of the best things in Turbo 7.2.0 is probably that errors are more visible. Lazy loading and seeing the error pop up in the dom (instead of it hiding in the console or in the logs) is pretty great. 
  • Check out how to use new Turbo streams with GET. 
  • Also check out powerful new libs for working with Turbo - TurboReflex and TurboReady.

Since 7.2.0 another small Turbo update has also been released.

More things Ruby

From Stefan: TIL you can make sure every object is “pattern matchable” in Ruby by implementing deconstruct_keys. I’m not sure how I feel about pattern matching yet though haha!

From Adam: TIL if you stick this in the top of a file in your rails project, you can just write a ruby script and it’ll run within the environment:

#!/usr/bin/env bin/rails runner

Then you do chmod +x <file> then just ./<file>

From Chris: TIL that IRB has a help command to help you look up API docs

From Steve: TIL this tip on Ruby's Enumerable #tally.

From Adam: I put together a few thoughts on writing beautiful code, based on this fantastic talk by Marcel (the guy who taught me Rails originally way back in the day). 

From Steve: This is a good post on adding tagging to Trix: Combined Mentions with ActionText (Part 1).

From Chris: Check out Maglev for adding a page builder into your Rails app.

From Andrew: TIL the paper_trail gem has this cool feature:

From Chris: Well this is fun. Sidekiq can now run inside a puma worker for low traffic work!


More things tech

From Steve: My fuzzy finder in vim was running super slow. This exponentially sped it up. Caching and Ack Grep were the answer. 

From Adam: TIL Phoenix LiveView has a new release.

From Chris: You can draw and render flowcharts (and other diagrams) in GitHub.🔥

From Adam: TIL this tip about editing a long config var on Heroku.

From Andrew:

 From Steve: TIL about new Actions on Github Mobile.

What the Mad Max: Fury Road movie has to do with better site design

From Patrick: Apply this thinking to how you systematically layout pages, common threads, and visual landmarks as users navigate from page to page.